Eazis is a household name in the world of music software and computers and therefore has a large network of partners, customers and relations. In the catering industry, at fitness centers and gyms, in care centers, but also in the medical world and in sports canteens.

Eazis & Heineken catering wholesaler

At the beginning of 2016, Heineken catering wholesaler Netherlands asked Eazis to become a business partner. Why? For our thorough knowledge of the Dutch catering industry and consumer preferences in combination with our experience in music experience, good service and attention to the customer. Together with Heineken, Eazis helps the brewery's partners improve their business.

Eazis & DeliXL

We also collaborate on an exclusive basis with the largest online catering supplier in the Netherlands and we have an attractive introductory offer for DeliXL customers.

Eazis & Ambius

Just like music, scent also plays an important role in customer experience. Whether that is a shop, a catering facility or a reception area or waiting room, a pleasant scent contributes to a good atmosphere. Eazis therefore works together with Ambius, one of the largest players in the fragrance experience market

We can supply scent systems especially for the catering industry which provide a pleasant scent experience at the entrance and may be tailor-made.

Eazis & beverage wholesaler De Klok

De Klok is one of our oldest partners. Started together in the east of the country and grew together nationally. Please do not hesitate to contact customer service for more information.

Eazis & Lightspeed POS Systems

When one combines experience and business optimization, one supports the entrepreneur. That is why Eazis is also there for you when you are looking for a handy mobile POS system with a musical interpretation.

You can always contact us for questions or to request a sample pack.

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