The systems supplied by us come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
If you have a self-service contract with us, you can use our telephone helpdesk.

If you have concluded a full-service contract, Eazis will be with you within 24 hours, free of charge, with a loan system and our employees of our own technical service will solve the problem with your system.

Technical service

Do you have a malfunction outside office hours? Our technical service employees are available during the evenings until 10 p.m. They are also available on Saturdays and Sundays to help you with malfunctions.

During office hours

Outside of office hours

Music advice

Wherever you listen, you hear music.
Because every situation requires a different atmosphere, we ensure that you can connect wherever and whenever.

Music is tailor-made, which is why Eazis music & systems is happy to advise you at every opportunity. For appropriate advice you can contact us quickly and easily.


With the jukebox app, your customer can decide what kind of music is played. You can decide which genre to choose from and keep control over the request songs that are played.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eazis Music & Systems tries to make everything as simple as possible for you. However, there may be questions or problems. Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us.

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