Eazis Music & Systems keeps up with the latest developments in the music world, because we "know what's playing". We distinguish ourselves with more than two decades of experience and knowledge in the various branches of the hospitality industry, companies & retail and fitness & sports.

Music advice

Wherever you listen, you hear music.
Because every situation requires a different atmosphere, we ensure that you can connect wherever and whenever.

Music is tailor-made, which is why Eazis music & systems is happy to advise you at every opportunity. For appropriate advice you can contact us quickly and easily.

Media & advertising

The Eazis Media & Advertising software module ensures that you can offer your own advertising and media in-house. For example, you can show your own company or information films in the company, display information about promotions, products or services, bring the latest or promote the event agenda.

Simpler promotional tools do not exist. With Eazis you are always in control.

Remote app

With the Eazis remote app you are always in control of the music. This way you can quickly play a specific song or switch playlists when someone asks for it.

Switching between different terraces or changing music when the atmosphere is right can now be done quickly and easily. This way you no longer have problems with an incorrect atmosphere within your company.

Jukebox app

With the Eazis jukebox app, you can easily let your customers choose which music to play. This way there is something for everyone and nobody has to worry about the wrong atmosphere anymore. Simply download the Eazis jukebox app on your smartphone or tablet and “Play It”.

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