Apps & modules

Combine the Eazis apps & modules with the Eazis music computer.

Media & advertising

Eazis media & advertising is a module within our range that allows entrepreneurs to offer their own advertising and media indoors on a large screen. That of course integrated into the Eazis music computers.

Pub Quiz

For the quiet and peaceful evenings in your company, Eazis introduces the pub quiz module. No more hassle with laptops, but immediately many questions on different themes and levels with a suitable experience from the Eazis music system.

Jukebox app

With the jukebox app, your customer can decide what kind of music is played. You can decide which genre to choose from and keep control over the request songs that are played.

Remote app

With the remote application you can always remotely control the Eazis music computers. The remote is available for Android/iOS and is compatible with all Eazis music computers.

Music advice

With 20 years of in-house knowledge and experience, we are happy to be your professional knowledge partner about the optimal music experiences in your company. Take the free Eazis music scan now.


With an Eazis DJ karaoke, linked to a second screen, you have a wide choice of Dutch and foreign karaoke songs, from the past to the present, from rock to pop, in addition to the extensive music package.