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To better serve you, we may ask you to keep a USB keyboard and mouse at hand.


There may be a malfunction in the touch function of the screen.

If there is a separate touch screen (separate from the computer case) you can first check whether a USB / serial cable is running from the computer to the screen and whether it is still properly connected.

Connect the USB mouse (which is included in the box of the system).
Next click on MENU and then on CALIBRATE TOUCH .
Follow the instructions on screen.

If the above steps did not provide a solution, please contact Eazis.

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Probably the system has had a reset because the on/off button was pressed for longer than a few seconds (it also hangs when it is often pressed too hard).

Connect a USB keyboard (which is included in the box of the system). Then turn off the computer and CONTACT US with Eazis on the number +31 (0) 546 538 911.

Please note! It could also be that the hard disk is defective. This can probably be determined by telephone together with the technical employee of Eazis.

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Due to a power failure or peak voltage on your mains voltage (socket/group) the power supply and/or adapter of the system can be disrupted.

Check the outlet for power or have it checked by a licensed electrician .

Unplug the device's AC power adapter for 30 minutes from the wall outlet and from the back of your music computer.

After reconnecting the system to the AC power adapter and reconnecting the power cord, try restarting the system.

If the system still does not start, contact Eazis. The power supply and/or adapter is probably faulty.

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