Reset WiFi connection

You may have to reset your WIFI connection due to a change of provider or other changes in your network.

Check the settings by pressing MENU and then OPTIONS . In the next screen, press the NETWORK button at the top and select the WIFI CONNECTIONS option.

In the next screen select the desired Wi-Fi network and enter your WiFi password. If you work with a touchscreen you can use the on-screen keyboard. This should appear automatically, otherwise press the ABC button next to the input field. It is also possible that this on-screen keyboard is placed over the input field. Then drag the keyboard to the side by pressing and dragging at the top of the keyboard field.

When the password is entered press CONNECT and wait for the connection to be established. If this has been handled correctly you can press EXIT to exit the screen.

When the internet cable is plugged in or the WiFi connection is established you can check this via our software by pressing MENU - OPTIONS - NETWORK and then CHECK ALL CONNECTIONS . When four green check marks appear on the left under CONNECTION INFO it is okay, if red crosses appear there is still something wrong with your connection.

There is also a possibility that your internet router needs a restart . You can force this by removing the adapter/plug of your router from the socket for approximately for about 15 to 30 seconds. ATTENTION! After plugging the power cord back in it often takes several minutes to reconnect, so wait at least 5 minutes before trying anything .

If there is still a faulty connection to our Eazis service it may also be that your network is trying to block certain internet traffic ( FIREWALL and/or PROXY settings) . In that case you should contact your own provider/network administrator.