Unlockcode on screen

When the software asks for an UNLOCKCODE the license has expired. This can have several causes.

Check whether the internet cable from the computer to the internet router is properly connected (the router of your provider is often located in a meter cupboard or at the point where the cable/fiber entering the property).

If there is a WiFi connection, see the section “ Reset WiFi connection ” for a more detailed explanation.

When the internet cable is plugged in or the WiFi connection is established you can check this via our software by pressing MENU - OPTIONS - NETWORK and then CHECK ALL CONNECTIONS . When four green check marks appear on the left under CONNECTION INFO it is okay, if red crosses appear there is still something wrong with your connection.

If there is still a faulty connection to our Eazis service it may also be that your network is trying to block certain internet traffic ( FIREWALL and/or PROXY settings) . In that case you should contact your own provider/network administrator.

Restart after this, just to be sure.

This message can also appear when the date and time are not set correctly.

Press the MENU - OPTIONS button and then ADJUST DATE / TIME to correct this and restart the system.

If the internet connection is okay and the system still asks for an UNLOCKCODE there may be a blocking of your subscription. Contact Eazis .

If you call after office hours, the telephone exchange will give you an UNLOCKCODE. Enter this in the software and contact the administration department of Eazis the next working day .

ATTENTION! The service technician on duty outside office hours is NOT authorized to issue UNLOCKCODES!