No more audio signal (no more music from the speakers of your music system)

There can be several reasons why music is no longer passed on to your music system.

First check the CD player/radio tuner that may be present. If these devices also do not transmit sound the interference is probably not with the music computer.

TIP! To make sure that the malfunction is in the music computer you can remove the mini-jack connector (small headphone plug) from the USB sound card (black/gray or red box) connected to the system with a USB cable) or from the back of the computer and transfer it to your phone's headphone output. REMEMBER WHAT OUTPUT YOU TAKE THE PLUG FROM! (usually this is green with the label F(ront) -out)
If the sound of your mp3 or youtube app on your phone can be heard through your installation, the interference is probably in the music computer.

Check in geval van een USB geluidskaart  (zwart/grijs of rood kastje met een usb-kabel verbonden met het systeem) of er een lampje brandt. Is dit niet het geval, controleer dan of de USB kabel naar de muziekcomputer goed is aangesloten.

It is also possible that the sound card in Windows is set to “muted” . This can be checked in the software by pressing the buttons MENU - SET VOLUME and then pressing WINDOWS VOLUME .

If in this screen all volume sliders are down and/or a red icon has appeared under these sliders (“mute” button) you can solve the problem by dragging the sliders upwards and deactivate the “mute” button by pressing it.

The audio settings of the software can also be wrong. You can check/change these settings by pressing MENU - OPTIONS and then AUDIO . This will take you to the screen where you can assign any available sound cards to the different players. PLAYER 1 is the left player in the main screen. PLAYER 2 is the right player.

In case of a Multiroom system, PLAYER 3 and PLAYER 4 allow you to play the left and right player of a second set room.

Check if a sound card is selected. If not, check via the dropdown” menu behind the players whether a sound card can be selected .

If no sound card can be selected but a USB sound card is present, try unplugging the USB CABLE from the system and plugging it into another USB PORT of the computer. Restart the system and repeat the steps described above.

If the above steps did not provide a solution, please contact Eazis.