Eazis music player will stop playing after a few songs

The system may have been unable to connect to Eazis online services for quite some time. There may be something wrong with the internet connection and the software needs to be updated.

Check whether the internet cable from the computer to the internet router is properly connected (the router of your provider is often located in a meter cupboard or at the point where the cable/fiber entering the property).

If there is a WiFi connection, see the section “ Reset WiFi connection ” for a more detailed explanation.

When the internet cable is plugged in or the WiFi connection is established you can check this via our software by pressing MENU - OPTIONS - NETWORK and then CHECK ALL CONNECTIONS . When four green check marks appear on the left under CONNECTION INFO it is okay, if red crosses appear there is still something wrong with your connection.

There is also a possibility that your internet router needs a restart . You can force this by removing the adapter/plug of your router from the socket for approximately for about 15 to 30 seconds. ATTENTION! After plugging the power cord back in it often takes several minutes to reconnect, so wait at least 5 minutes before trying anything .

Check the connection again by pressing MENU - OPTIONS - NETWORK in our software and then CHECK ALL CONNECTIONS .

After the internet connection has been restored you can have the software updated via MENU - OPTIONS - SOFTWARE RENEW .

Restart after this, just to be sure.

If the above steps did not provide a solution, please contact Eazis.